Skiing Without RipclearSkiing With Ripclear


It doesn’t matter if it’s your first day on the mountain or your kajilianth, skiing requires clear, unobstructed vision. As you whip down the mountain, there’s plenty of obstacles that could get in your way, but scratched up goggle lenses that impair your vision shouldn’t be one of them.

Goggles are a massive investment, and with all the impressive goggle technology coming out this season, that first nick on your goggles could break your heart and the bank. Mending goggles can cost between $50-$125, and replacing goggles completely can cost anywhere from $100-$300. While cleaning and maintenance can help to a point, wear and tear is inevitable.

With Ripclear ski goggle lens protectors, you can save yourself a lot of frustration for a fraction of the cost of replacement goggles. The anti-fog, anti-scratch thin film technology applies completely clear and stays put until you peel it off. Think screen protector but for your lens.

Invest in new goggles for the sake of style and option. Rely on ripclear for invisible lens protection.

Most people don’t think twice about applying a layer of protection to the screen of their cell phone, so it makes perfect sense to do the same with your snow googles before you take to the slopes skiing or boarding. In fact, it is more important to protect your goggles, no matter how much you paid for them, as scratches scuffs and general wear and tear can seriously compromise your vision, and if you are moving quickly in a fairly harsh environment that can lead to unnecessary accidents.

Ripclear, an Australian company have developed and supply extremely high-quality snow goggle lens protectors that can preserve the life of your lens and maintain a crystal-clear view through your goggles that is paramount to your safety. With absolutely no compromise to your original lens coatings or tints, our military grade lens protectors are a must have item.

The simple to apply protectors are designed to be scratchproof and to work well in extremes of heat and cold, but inevitably will eventually begin to lose some of their outstanding clarity. Even when you take the best of care of your goggles, they will come into unintentional contact with a variety of surfaces that can cause damage – so let Ripclear protectors take the punishment, as replacing your old protective layer with a new one is simple, and most of all highly affordable!

Available to fit virtually all goggles and in a range of sizes, come to Ripclear when you decide to get your snow goggle lens protection.