Determination, speed and focus … that’s Motorsports all right. Motocross brings your true self to life. You’ve got to really know what you’re made of to find your racing line, flex with it and win. You practice hard for this, and when it comes to racing day, nothing—and we mean nothing—can get in your way. You’ve got a killer leg grip on that motorbike and adrenaline pumping like mad. Let’s go.

No matter what happens out there, make sure your gear is protected from the dirt, mud, and whatever else gets kicked up while you ride. Tear-offs don’t do the job, plus they count as litter and that’s not cool. Ripclear military-graded anti-scratch lens protectors can take anything you throw at them. Race in rain, wind or extreme heat or cold with complete confidence your goggles will stay crystal clear. Save serious money on replacements and stick with Ripclear for the entire season.

Mountain Bike Without RipclearMountain Bike With Ripclear


Ripclear’s patented Mountain Bike Goggle Lens Protectors are easy to apply, crystal clear, and the perfect solution to protecting your premium goggle lenses from scratches.

We all know that scratches happen, even when we try to protect our lenses. So, with Ripclear applied to your lens, our innovative technology will keep your optics damage free and clear through the harshest use cases and weather conditions such as: snow, ice, sleet, rain, and baking sun.

Core Features:

1. We’re crystal clear. Ripclear’s products are military grade ANSI Z87.1 rated for optical clarity.
2. We’ll take the damage you throw at your lens. Ripclear is the only solution to keep lenses scratch free because you can easily peel and replace your protector.
3. We’re affordable. Ripclear provides a much more affordable alternative compared to full lens replacement which costs $50 to $150 per lens.

Ripclear lens protectors are a patented thin film technology that protects eyewear lenses and meets ANSI Z87 military rated clarity. Think, Screen Protectors For Lenses.

100% Guarantee: When you buy a Ripclear MX Goggles lens protector, you can feel confident we stand by our product. If you have any issues reach out to us and we’ll make it right. You can rest assured Ripclear has you covered. If you’re not stoked, neither are we.

Go Ahead, Get Dirty.

Mountain biking is for freedom seekers. When you’re picking up momentum and pushing through new limits, anything could happen. Low hanging branches could blast your lenses, or your buddy may give you a slash of dirt to the face that will most definitely damage your goggle lens.

So tune into the speed, get dirty, and find your own unique path knowing your goggle lenses are fully protected with Ripclear Mountain Bike Goggle Lens Protectors. The scratch-free protectors apply easily to your lens and stay put until you peel them off. The patented layer technology can withstand any aggressive terrain or extreme weather you put it through. Keep doing you with Ripclear.